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Welcome to Cocoon Wellness Vancouver

Cocoon Wellness has been Vancouver's premium mobile wellness service provider since 2003. Whether you are a part of the Vancouver community or traveling in Vancouver, BC, we promise to take good care of you! Cocoon Wellness practitioners offer knowledge, experience and inspiration, accumulated throughout years of active practice and devoted continuous education. They offer in-home mobile relaxation massage, deep tissue or restorative massage and body-work, shiatsu, trigger point therapy, stretch therapy, pre and post-natal care and massage for the elderly.  Meet our experienced Practitioners Book an appointment for mobile massage Now!


Bring Cocoon Wellness Home Wherever-Whenever You Are!phone

Questions? When booking a mobile massage appointment our associates will be happy to help you to determine what kind of treatment or service modality is best suited to assist your condition. In-home, mobile massage services are available in the greater Vancouver area in BC.

Improved Mobility and Flexibility = Higher Performance!

Check out the iCocoon Stretch Therapy Workshops! Acquire new skills that will support you performing your favorite physical activities safer and more efficiently. Take this opportunity and learn how to release tension from stiff joints and overused muscles. Get amazing results with Cocoon Wellness Vancouver Workshops, Mobile Massage or Innovative Personal Training!

Does your gym offer iCocoon Stretch Therapy Workshops to their members yet? If not, visit our current events and experience its effectiveness first hand. If you would like to host a workshop in your area contact us today.

250movementjumpGear Up Vancouver!

You are active, a nature lover and thrilled by the fact that Vancouver is situated in one of the most extraordinary geographical settings in the world! Are you ready for outdoor activities?

Before you go wild and challenge yourself, prevent injuries by fine-tuning your posture, strength and flexibility.  Cocoon Wellness offers mobile massage and bodywork, innovative Stretch Therapy, Strength Conditioning and the reliable Functional Movement Screen followed by its Corrective Exercise Program - all this from the heart of Vancouver.  Our affordable mobile wellness plans can be shared with family and friends whenever-wherever you are in Vancouver.  Find a Stretch Therapist, Massage Practitioner or Personal Trainer in Vancouver. Call us today, we have one goal only: to care for you!
It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. ~Mahatma Gandhi

The most important principle underlying health is the balancing of life force. Preventative medicine hinges on the responsibility of the individual in maintaining his or her own well being.

To prevent illness or dis-ease it is crucial to recognize early signs of disharmony. Cocoon Wellness Associates offer both traditional and innovative services. Our sercices prevent injuries, enable rapid healing and regeneration of your body. Find a Massage modality that is best suited to eliminate your signs and syptoms, learn new, efficient exercises throught Stretch Therapy or sign up for Educational Workshops that inspires a balanced healthy lifestyle. Our wellness coaches will guide and empower you to maintain and restore your body’s own natural healing power. Embrace a new sense of vitality and experience progressive, positive health benefits with Cocoon Wellness Services.

    Do you want to accelerate your physical performance without compromising your safety and flexibility? Learn more about our iCocoon Stretch Therapy Workshops.
20by18scocoonlogo Are you suffering from pain and discomfort due to a sport injury or an automoblie accident? Find out how the combination of Massage and Movement Therapy can assit you in your recovery. Contact us and you will feel better soon!
    If you are a wellness professional interested in furthering your skills and knowledge, visit our Events Calendar to learn about upcoming Wellness Workshops and Professional Development Seminars.



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