Increase your flexibility safely and efficiently

Stretch Therapy is the most advanced and accessible stretching system available anywhere in the world today. Exercises are designed to benefit everyone: elite athletes, busy professionals or parents, children, seniors, runners, golfers, tennis players, rowers, body builders, hikers and hockey players!

Stretch Therapy is more than just an exercise system

When performed on a regular basis, stretch therapy offers you an independently achievable preventative daily routine that will provide a lifetime of benefits:

  • Learn about your own patterns of tension, and how to change them
  • Gain deeper insight to yourself and enjoy confident movements
  • Your body will feel looser
  • Your range of movement will be greater
  • You will be more relaxed and you will sleep better

Most athletes admit that they don’t stretch enough yet continue with their rigorous training despite limited range of motion and stiff muscles. Sadly this attitude often leads to injuries which could have been easily prevented. Anyone can use particular stretching exercises to set themselves up for the day’s activities. Stretch Therapists teach clients safe techniques to release joint and muscular tension, leading to incredible lasting results.

How does Stretch Therapy work?

  • Stretching as diagnosis - locate tightness or problem area
  • Stretching as treatment - eliminate pain and stiffness
  • Improve of Range of Motion, balance and coordination
  • Re-patterning exercises - teach desirable innervation patterns
  • Strengthening exercises address any weaknesses identified
  • Improve function and strength
  • Relaxation - facilitate recovery and healing process

What to expect from the Stretch Therapy program?

During your private Intro Session your Stretch Therapist will ask for you medical history, analyze your posture, movement patterns and identify which muscles are involved in your limited range of motion, or back and neck problems.

To teach you the most effective ways to relieve any excess tension, your program begins with very easy-to-do movements. You will learn how to place yourself in the proper position and maintain proper form to achieve the best results. Gradually, the subsequent lessons build on these basic 'functional units of flexibility, and in time you will find yourself being able to do the more difficult stretches. An integral part of our program is to educate you about the muscles that are involved in each stretching exercise. View our fantastic Visual Anatomy illustrations here. Courtesy of developer Scott Sheffield GetBodySmart.

During you Stretch Therapy sessions, you will learn effective stretching and strengthening exercises for all the usual places people want to stretch: hips, hamstrings and legs-apart movements. Check out our Stretch Therapy clinic review here. In addition, you will find hand, wrist and forearm exercises, a full range of neck and shoulder exercises (including the hard-to-stretch rotator cuff pairs) and a variety of ankle and feet exercises. There are even exercises to help you spread your toes and strengthen your arches! As well, you will find rotation and backward-bending exercises, sideways-bending movements and a large number of unique warm-ups too. There is an exercise for every muscle of the body, and the associated tendons, ligaments and fascia.

For the future, it is important to further condition all the relevant parts of the body by using more advanced stretching and strengthening exercises. Learn about a special Strength Conditioning program that re-educates the body`s neural patterns, and work the core stabilization muscles.

Most of our clients find massage-bodywork complementing Stretch Therapy. By purchasing WELLNESS PLAN EIGHT your minutes can be used for a combination of wellness services of your choice. Read about successful recoveries in our client`s Testimonials.

Stretching Versus Limbering

Have you ever wondered why your range of motion doesn’t seem to improve? - The fact is that “The end results of limbering have no comparison to efficient stretching.” For example; dance and gymnastics distinguish between limbering, to loosen up the body in preparation for the day’s skill classes, and stretching, which is designed to increase the range of movement in a particular joint after warm up or workout. The latter is essential to maintain and improve performance and to avoid injury.

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