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Stretch Therapy has an exercise for every muscle of the body, and the associated tendons, ligaments and fascia. View pictures and instructions of Posture and Flexibility (P&F) exercises demostrated during the iCocoon Stretch Therapy Intro Workshops.  Before you start experimenting with the stretching exercises presented in the gallery, please read The Principles of the Posture and Flexibility Program.

Click on the pictures below and find more information about the stretching exercises.

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  • thumbxfloorhippiriformis
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  • thumbxpectoralis
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15xmorange Look for this sign on each stretch article. They provide a link to review the anatomical locations of muscles and their actions. Don't miss this important detail before starting any of the stretching exercises.

About the iCocoon Stretch Therapy Workshop Series

The approach of Stretch Therapy is based on the teachings of master trainer and author; Kit Laughling.  Kit is the developer of the innovative Posture and Flexibility (P&F) program.

The reason for mandatory participation prior to regular P&F stretch classes is simple. Without mastering proper form and in depth understanding of the technique, participlant would be held back and could not progress as well in a group class as expected. Our goal is to empower you with confident movement patterns. Much dedication and patience is required to learn this noble approach. This becomes very obvious after you have participated in the iCocoon Streath Therapy Inroduction.