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Strength and Flexibility Finally Meet

Our Stretch Therapy Workshops help athletes of any age become more flexible and aware of their unique physical challenges, enabling them to perform safely at peak performance.

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Warming up and stretching can do more than just loosen stiff muscles; when done properly, it can actually accelerate performance. Does your gym offer the iCocoon Stretch Therapy Workshop Series to their members yet? If not, visit our current events to experience its effectiveness first hand.

The Stretch Therapy Workshops teaches you to:

  • Re-pattern movement
  • Improve static and dynamic flexibility
  • Correct posture and coordination
  • Improve muscle elasticity and contractibility
  • Strengthen muscles at extreme ranges of motion
  • Decrease injury rates
  • Overcome back and neck pain

Q.  Why should I do this workshop?
A.  Because lack of mobility increases risk of injury and can weaken your performance.

Q.  Will I learn anything new?
A.  Yes. This workshop is a smart fusion for avoiding painful injuries and to learn stretch re-patterning techniques based on the innovative principles of Stretch Therapy.

Q.  How does Stretch Therapy work?
A.  Mastering safe and efficient stretches releases joint stiffness and muscular tension.

Q.  Is Stretch Therapy like Yoga?
A.  No. Our program comprises the Contract-Relax technique (a refined form of PNF) a fully developed method for increasing functional flexibility. Learn more about Stretch Therapy

Following a strength and conditioning program without attention to flexibility-mobility, makes about as much sense as dropping a bigger engine into a car with a bent frame. You just will not be able to express all of your new found power, strength and speed efficiently.
~Andy Swartz, CrossFit Trainer