Stretch Therapy Workshops


Joins us for an innovative and challenging stretching workshop and experience amazing results! This 2 hours introduction to PNF based stretching exercises and essential mobility drills will teach you how to compliment your own stretching routine, it will support you performing your favourite physical activities safer and more efficiently. Brush up on your stretching skills, learn how to release tension from stiff joints and overused muscles, discover how to prevent sports injuries or to eliminate muscular pain without spending hours of inefficient limbering for no gain!

You may book a private one-on-one session with Giselle at the time that is convenient to you.  Your session will be tailored to your own condition and will include the exercises demonstrated during the iCST-Intro.)


Q. Why should I do this workshop?
A. Because lack of mobility increases risk of injury and can weaken your performance.

Q. Will I learn anything new?
A. Yes. This workshop is a smart fusion for avoiding painful injuries and to learn stretch re-patterning techniques based on the innovative principles of Stretch Therapy.

Q. How does Stretch Therapy work?
A. Mastering safe and efficient stretches releases joint stiffness and muscular tension.

Q. Is Stretch Therapy like yoga?
A. While yoga is an activity that combines physical exercise with relaxation techniques, Stretch Therapy applies the Contract-Relax (PNF) technique, a more advanced form of flexibility training that involves both the stretching and contracting of the muscle group being targeted.

Q. What is PNF?
A. Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation – was originally developed as a form of rehabilitation, and it is very effective to help you gain long term functional flexibility. It is safely used to also improve muscular strength in the end range of movement.

About the iCocoon Stretch Therapy Workshops

The approach of Stretch Therapy is based on the teachings of master trainer and author; Kit Laughling. Kit is the developer of the innovative Posture and Flexibility (P&F) program.

Much dedication and patience is required to learn this noble approach. This becomes very obvious after you have participated in the iCocoon Stretch Therapy Intro Workshop for the first time.

Without mastering proper form and in depth understanding of the technique, you would not be able to progress as well as expected. Our goal is to empower you with confident movement patterns that will support performing both partial and partner assisted exercises during regular P&F classes. This is why the iCST Intro is mandatory prior to attending regular weekly P&F Classes.

Why Stretch Therapy?

When performed on a regular basis, stretch therapy offers you an independently achievable preventative daily routine that will provide a lifetime of benefits:

  • Learn about your own patterns of tension, and how to change them
  • Gain deeper insight to yourself and enjoy confident movements
  • Your body will feel looser
  • Your range of movement will be greater
  • You will be more relaxed and you will sleep better

Outline of workshop

Warm-up Drill – 10 exercises
Principles of the P&F stretching approach

Exercises introduced during this clinic

Calves - Gastrocnemius

Hip Flexors - Iliopsoas

Hamstrings - tendinosus muscles and biceps femoris

Bench Hip - hip muscles, piriformis, IT band

Chest/Pecs - Pectoralis major and minor

Side Bends - Latissimus, torso muscles, QL

Hands and wrist – flexors and extensors of the forearm wrist and fingers

About the Instructor

As a certified massage practitioner, Giselle Nagy understands the phenomenal complexity of the human body. She has been studying Stretch Therapy with Kit Laughlin extensively and have designed the iCocoon Stretch Therapy Program to prepare students of this technique entering into Weekly Stretching Classes at selected locations. Giselle's practical and hands-on experience and skill sets make the iCocoon Stretch Therapy Program an outstanding tool for members of any school program and/or gym anywhere.

Clinic is limited to maximum 15 participants

Cost: $100 (you may repeat this clinic for $50)
iCST-Intro as a Private 90 min Session: $145

Prices are subject to 5% GST.


Giselle Nagy at Cocoon Wellness


Watch Demo, Read the Principles of Stretch Therapy and get familiar with the exercises posted here >>>

medicaladvise Do you have sign and symptoms of neurological deficits such as:

back pain which hurts as much at night as during the day, unrelenting pain down the back of the leg, areas of numbness on the buttocks or on the leg or feet, pins and needles in the feet, wasting of the leg muscles, or loss of feeling in part of the legs or feet.Similar signs can be present in the arms and hands.

Stretch Therapy is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care. Be advised, as you may have a specific condition that could be worsened by using certain exercises. Check to be sure - talk to Giselle or/and consult your MD before signing up for the iCocoon Stretch Therapy program.