Bench or Chair Side Bend Stretch with rotation

This is a gentle stretch to the entire lower back region. We are aiming to release the muscles that run from the top of the hip bones to the lumbar spine, the side muscles of waist and ultimately the deep muscles of the lower back, the Quadratus Lumborum (QL).


Postural reminders:

Make sure you have your legs wide open (feet underneath the knees) and supported all the time. Hold the front edge/corner of the bench with a strong grip.

Make it a comfortable grip as you will be 'hanging' from this arm leaning to the side away from your gripping hand. Relax your neck before lifting the arm and bending to the side. (roll up a small towel if your neck feels uncomfortable). Follow the pictures and recall the cues.

Come out of it slowly by rolling the top shoulder forward, keep reaching as you return to the center of your body. ... BREATH continuously.


Lower back pain, tight latissimus and upper arm muscles. Too many pull ups, chin ups, overhead squats...

Notice last picture: you can ask an adult to hold your thigh down BUT unlike on this picture, DO NOT allow children or anybody distracting you while doing any of these exercises. Any sudden movement can send your muscles into a spasm and may lead to soft tissue injury!

15xmorange Review the anatomy of the muscles that act on the side of the TORSO AND ABDOMEN