Hands Wrist and Forearm Stretch

The Contract and Relax approach will actually strengthen the muscles of the forearm at the very end of their range of motion. This is how we are not only stretching but also strengthening these weak spots.

Overcome Hand and Wrist Stiffness or Pain - A must for all Crossfitters and weight trainers!

Stretching is one of the the most effective drug-free way to reduce stiffness, and pain in your wrists. These stretches are demonstrated to prevent or heal commonly experienced problems. Largely due to repetitive occupational tasks this condition needs immediate and continual attention from the individual. Understanding the muscles and tendons involved in using your hands can help you to prevent a more serious condition such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Please make sure to review the anatomy of the wrists and forearms.

The following stretch is great for RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) of the wrist. It is important to ensure at all times that your position is comfortable and that you are not overdoing the intended stretch. Take it slowly at first and build the awareness required to gradually, fully release the muscles of the fingers, wrist and forearm. You may perform this stretch every day, even at work, but C-R should only be applied maximum 3 times per week.

Postural Cues:

Sit back comfortably on your heels (place a pillow between your buttocks and heels if it feels uncomfortable).


Turn you hands so that your thumbs are facing outward, to the sides of your body, and lightly place your palms on the floor in front of your knees. Fingers are facing your knees - follow the pictures. Arms/elbows are straight, shoulders right above hands to begin with.

While palms are flat on the floor, slowly shift your weight and sit back on your heels - leaving the heels of your palms in place on the floor, bring the shoulders back. This alone may trigger a huge stretch.

Be careful not to hurt yourself, if it is already too tight - don't sit back all the way, and keep your shoulders right above your hands. Gradually you will be able to sit all the way back onto your heels.

15xmorange Review the anatomy of the muscles that act on the wrists and hands - FLEXORS

Contract - Relax

Gingerly press the palms and fingers straight down into the floor for a count of five - than - relax by leaning a bit forward - and as you exhale "gingerly" lean back, increasing the angle at the wrist, lower your hips down to your heels. Do not allow the heels of the wrist lifting off the floor. Stay in this position and breath for 30 seconds.

C-R for the second and third time - each time bring hips closer to your heels away from your hands. Stay at the end at least 30 seconds and keep breathing slowly and attentively. If sitting back on your heels does not give you a sufficient stretch, after C-R shuffle your knees and legs slightly back, away from your hands, and then try sitting back on your heels again. This will increase the angle at the wrist.

To come out of the stretch - slowly shift your upper body forward by lifting the hips away from your heels. Carefully lift the palms off the floor, slowly/gently roll your hands and wiggle your fingers.


Tightness in the forearm, chronic wrist pain and weak grip...