Hip and Hamstring Stretch


The hamstring muscles run down the back of the thighs and cross the knee joint to finish at the lower leg ( attaching to the fibula and tibia). This is why you may experience discomfort behind the knees while doing this stretch.

If this applies to you, I suggest to book an assisted session one-on-one with me and learn more exercises which can offer a gradual lengthening of these powerful muscles.

Postural reminders:

Notice how straight my spine is during each phase of the stretch. Keep Lifting/drawing your chest forward, onto your thigh to straighten your back and notice as the pelvis naturally tilts forward while doing so. We want to maintain this form during the exercise! Don't let your tummy lift off your quads. Lock your arms below your knee as it is demonstrated on the picture. Aim the top of your head reaching for the wall in front of you. The following contraction will be applied to the leg in front of you.

C-R gingerly as Andy would say. First press your heel straight down into the floor for a count of five. This will engage the major hip muscles, preparing the hamstrings to the main stretch. Then contract by tring to drag your heel back towards your hip for a count of 5-15 - then - relax - take a deep breath in and as you exhale draw your chest forward on your thigh a bit more and creep your toes a bit more forward, away from your hip, opening the angle even more. Stay there and rest breathing slowly for 30 seconds before you attempt each contraction. C-R maximum 3 times. At the end you must stay as calm as you can as deep as you have achieved in order to retain the extra length in the hamstrings. If you feel Ouch, you went to far - and you should move back out of the stretch a little bit, and relax for 30 sec.

Finish by placing both hands on the floor and walk them back towards your hip out of the stretch.

Stretching these muscles are best done with a partner which we have not covered during our clinic.

15xmorange Review the anatomy of the muscles that act on the posterior thigh (the focus is on the the HAMSTRING muscles: semitendinosus/membranosus/biceps femoris)

Indications where stretch may be useful:

When you can not reach your toes bending forward! Lower back pain or muscle strain, Lower back ligament sprain, Hamstring or calf strain, inflexible hip muscles, symptoms of sciatica, hip muscles spasm...