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If you have been searching for a solution to eliminate muscular pain and discomfort while kickstarting you to perform better – Cocoon’s Movement Therapy is the ultimate strategy for you.

Do you suffer from Chronic Sciatic Pain?

"After one session of Giselle's stretch and release and massage techniques I felt there was hope. Six months later with a combination of Giselle's knowledge, intuition, inspiration and my own dedication towards my own well being, 90% of he pain has been alleviated..."

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Therapeutic exercise is fundamental in improving function, performance, injury prevention and the promotion of health and physical wellness. The holistic Cocoon Wellness approach to movement is based on a fusion of safe, proven and effective modalities:

  • Stretch Therapy - Posture and Flexibility (P&F)
  • The Pilates Method
  • Strength Conditioning

With emphasis on stabilization, equilibrium, and optimization, clients can achieve a higher state of awareness and participation in their well being.

Lifestyle or daily routine modifications coupled with an understanding of how the body functions will aid any condition. As the body becomes more balanced and symmetrical, allowing joints and muscles to function better, pain and discomfort simply melt away.

  • Improve balance, coordination, posture and flexibility
  • Gain strength by functional full-body movements that replicates real life
  • Enjoy a safer, better game

Your practitioner will design an appropriate program after a thorough assessment of your physical condition.  This program will meet your present state of fitness and long-term goals. The level of intensity of your sessions will be carefully adjusted to your progress and motivation level. The result is a freer, more responsive body that will support you in every part of your life.

20by18scocoonlogo Are you ready to take charge and overcome pain and muscular discomfort?

Lets get started! Together we will design for you an easy to follow wellness program and eliminate the source of your signs and symptoms.

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