Project Bridge - iCocoon Stretching and Mobility Classes

Try to get into a FULL BRIDGE from standing and it will instantly reveal your overall muscular restrictions. Busted! How did your wrists, arms, shoulders, hip flexors, or quads feel? And how about the entire posterior chain of your body, coordination and strength?

In simple school gymnastics - The Bridge - is a versatile exercise that requires flexibility through the entire front line of the body, equally challenging every single muscle of the back as well. Bending backwards with coordination and confidence will challenge all of the body parts marked on the picture below. During the Project Bridge iCocoon classes you will learn functionally stretching every part of your body in many different ways. Each hour will truly address any and all of the muscular restrictions you may have....

iCocoon stretching and mobility classes 2014 Vancouver

These classes will:

  • floss through the entire system
  • sharpen your proprioception, body-awareness
  • improve your skill transfer and orientation skills
  • correct shoulder flexion, back and hip extension
  • rehabilitate lower back pain
  • improve T-spine extension
  • improve your rack position needed in clean, push press or push jerk and absolutely anything that is going from the ground up into the rack and overhead

Progression sequence:

(After functionally warming up each area we are planning to address)

Short bridge – 3x40
Long lever bridge – 3x40
Incline bridge – 3x30 using elevation/risers for the hands and/or partner assisted
Head bridge – 3x20
Full bridge from no lower than head bridge position
Assisted ball bridge 3x20
Full bridge – 3x15
Bridge walk downs – 3x2 at the wall
Bridge walk ups – 3x2 at the wall
Stand to stand bridges :)

About the instructor:

This is not your average stretch class. During these classes there will be a wealth of information available to you! Giselle Nagy is a holistic massage and movement therapist with over 4000 hours of continuous education in her respective field. Her 16 years of hands on practical experience both one-on-one and in group settings is your guarantee to a safe and efficient stretching and mobility program.


Join us on Sunday at 10-11AM.