Strength Conditioning Vancouver | In-home Mobile service by Cocoon Wellness

Strength. Speed. Power. Coordination.

Strength Conditioning is more than simply increasing muscle size and definition. It is customized for each individual to achieve a specific goal in a safe and progressive way.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failures.
~Colin Powell

The emphasis is functional strength that is required to perform daily life activities. The Strength and Conditioning program is taught by exceptionally trained instructors, and it is perfectly suited for all ages and levels.The goal is to help you maximize your power-to-weight ratio. Improving strength can provide significant functional benefits and improvement in overall health and well being including:

  • improve muscle, tendon and ligament strength and toughness
  • improve joint function
  • improve coordination
  • reduce potential for injury
  • increase bone density
  • improved cardiac function
  • and elevated HDL (good) cholesterol

Why does Cocoon Wellness choose to promote CrossFit Trainers for Strength Conditioning?

The CrossFit Gym is similar to Kit Laughlin's Monkey Gym in Australia. After only ten sessions Giselle experienced amazing results. Training with Coach Kelly Frankson, she met the rest of the CrossFit team and discovered a mutual interest in cross training with them. Strength and Flexibility finally met!

The variety of exercises are based on the principles of gymnastics that replicate real life movements. The CrossFit Gym is different than other training centres- there are no machines. Instead, they have ropes hanging from the ceilings, roman rings, chin-up bars, ladder bars, unstable devices, and a full range of dumbbells and kettlebells (0.5Kg-56Kg), suitable for all ages and fitness levels. These tools develop functional strength in the whole body and are perfect for both men and women whose goal is to be strong, agile, aerobically and anaerobically fit and lean.

What to expect from the Strength and Conditioning program?

  • accurate knee/ankle tracking and foot placement
  • how to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles and other stabilizers of the shoulders
  • how to improve grip strength and any other muscles that are relatively weak or inactive
  • This makes later whole-body work easier and safer
  • core (trunk) and glute activation

Strength Conditioning features high intensity techniques (pre-exhaustion, instability, strip sets, negative or eccentric movements, band-assists, among others), yet is perfectly suited for all levels. You will learn how to do chinups, and how to climb a rope, and, in time, how to use the roman rings, as well as the best whole-body strengthening exercises for the legs, hips and trunk. Classes are social, fun and challenging. It is like going back in time and being a kid again!

A word about Exercise Science

Dr. Angelo Tremblay of Laval University in Canada, conducted an exercise science study in which he compared two groups of exercisers: those who did 21 weeks of a typical “aerobic” running in the “fat burning zone” to a second group who performed 15 weeks of brief, high intensity, interval style exercise. Surprisingly, the high intensity group lost 9 times as much fat as measured by body fat calipers compared to the “aerobic” group. The interval group spent considerably less time exercising over fewer weeks than the group who, theoretically, should have lost more fat because they trained within the “fat burning zone.” Current research suggests that weight training may be even more important for women than men.