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Stretch Therapy Clinic Review

Thank you for visiting. In the Stretch Clinic Gallery you can view pictures as visual reminders for the stretches we have introduced during our Dynamic Warm-up and Stretch Therapy Clinic on Sunday, 20 September, 2009. The clinic was a success and much needed for these dedicated Crossfitters! Most athletes admit that they don’t stretch enough yet continue with their rigorous training despite limited range  of motion and stiff muscles...

Grouse Grind it Safely with Dynamic Warm up & Stretch Therapy!

One of the most popular ways to exercise in Vancouver is to scurry your way up the Grouse Grind. Almost everyone I know does this rigorous climb at least once a week. While the Grind certainly proves to be a challenging workout, when done with incorrect posture – it can aggravate neck and shoulders muscles, and trigger or worsen lower back pain. Protect yourself by preventing injuries...

Preventing Sport Injuries in Children

Young athletes train harder and longer and participate in sport throughout the whole year. As an undesired but inevitable consequence, sports-related injuries have increased significantly. Physical activity plays a significant role in the well-being of a child. How much activity is too much?