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The use of ICE when in pain

Review R.I.C.E.: Rest gives the afflicted area time to heal, Ice reduces inflammation and swelling, and compression and Elevation lessen swelling, promoting healing. When and how should we use ice or heat? Using ICE is effective in both the acute stage of inflammation and rehabilitation...

Stretching Workshop Review - The Upper Body

The Upper Body workshop is the part of the iCocoon Stretch Therapy Series. This workshop introduced stretches to release tension from the neck, shoulders, and the torso and spine. Knowing how to perform the exercises demonstrated here need careful instructions. If you have pain or discomfort in your neck, back or shoulders, we suggest you to sign up for one of our next workshops. Check for upcoming Stretch Therapy Workshops or classes here >>> We look forward to seeing you there next time!

Colon Assist - Overcome Constipation

20by18scocoonlogo Lately, a lot of people have asked my advise about constipation. According to my studies, the Orientals believe that the center of the body's strength is located in the abdominal area, which is called the Hara. The area between the ribcage and the pelvic bone contains most of our vital organs, and for a healthy individual food and energy flows freely through its meridian channels. In my practical experience, signs or symptoms of ill-health often begins with more frequently experienced periods of stagnation combined with other signs of physical discomfort and a weak immune system. Daily self-shiatsu massage of the abdomen is very helpful and is always my first advise to everyone. See the picture of the reflex points to the Hara/abdomen below....