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Strength Conditioning Vancouver | In-home Mobile service by Cocoon Wellness

Strength. Speed. Power. Coordination.

Strength Conditioning is more than simply increasing muscle size and definition. It is customized for each individual to achieve a specific goal in a safe and progressive way.

Pilates Vancouver | In-home Mobile service by Cocoon Wellness

Optimal posture and alignment help to provide good shock absorption, assist in weight acceptance, and promote the transfer of energy during movement.

At Cocoon Wellness, we apply the principles of Pilates as a preventative measure. Our aim is to have people walk out of the treatments and say: “I am aware of my body, feel more graceful, my posture is better each day and WOW, I have no pain.”

Build long lasting results in a matter of weeks!

If you have been searching for a solution to eliminate muscular pain and discomfort while kickstarting you to perform better – Cocoon’s Movement Therapy is the ultimate strategy for you.